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Each year a number of properties in Allen County revert to County ownership due to upaid property taxes. These properties must first go through a Tax Sale and then a 120-day redemption period. This process is intended to give the owner every opportunity to satisfy their tax burden and keep their property. However, if the tax obligation is not met after being given ample opportunity, the deed reverts to the County. The Allen County Commissioners have established a separate not-for-profit corporation called the Allen County Community Development Corp. (ACCDC) for the purpose of managing and selling these tax-reverted properties through a fair bidding process.

Following the Auditor's Tax Sale in September or October in the fall, it takes approximately six to eight months for the unsold tax-reverted properties to be deeded over to the ACCDC around April or May in the spring. They are then added to our inventory of properties and are opened for bid and sale on an on-going, year-round process.

It is the goal of the ACCDC to rejuvenate and positively impact our neighborhoods and the community at large by converting blighted areas of vacant and disrepaired houses to areas that will be occupied by responsible home owners. We encourage our buyers to take pride in their new property and keep it properly repaired, maintained, clean, attractive and safe, as well as to stay current with their tax and utility bills. We hope to strengthen these neighborhoods so they once again will become places where families can grow and thrive.

Customer Properties:

Below are a few ACCDC properties that customers have purchased and have done a great job in repairing and remodeling to turn them into beautiful homes to be proud of. Good job!

Click on a photo image below to open a larger "after" photo as well as a "before" photo:

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Please let us know when you have completed remodeling work on your house. We would love to see the results of your hard work and we would love to post "after" photos of your house on our web site for everyone to see and enjoy.

Read What our Customers are Saying:

Please send us a letter to tell us about your experience with buying an ACCDC property.

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