Annually Assessed Mobile Homes

New!pdf2015 Mobile Home Legislative Changes
Click here to learn more about prior changes to the annually assessed mobile home process.

The true tax value of mobile homes assessed under IC 6-1.1-7 (other than mobile homes subject to the preferred valuation method under IC 6-1.1-4-39(b)) as the least of the values determined using the following:

  • The National Automobile Dealers Association Guide
  • The purchase price of a mobile home if:
    • the sale is of a commercial enterprise nature; and
    • the buyer and seller are not related by blood or marriage.
    • the sale date is within one (1) year prior to subsequent to the January 15 valuation date; or
  • Sales data for generally comparable mobile homes

Forms & Important Links

pdfMobile Home Permit
pdfNotice of Placing Mobile Home
pdfApplication for Certificate of Title
docMobile Home VIN Request
docMobile Home VIN Request (Spanish) (Spanish)
xlsMobile Home Owner Spreadsheet (Printable Version)
Mobile Home Deductions and Applications

Welcome to the Wayne Township Assessor's Office

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A message from your Wayne Township Assessor:

I would like to invite every property owner in Wayne Township to take an active role in the assessing process. When you look at your assessed value and have questions or disagree with the value, please contact our office. You may not get the answer that you want, but at least you will understand how we arrived at the value we came to.

Your phone calls are extremely important and have a tremendous impact on our work:

  • 1) Normally, we look at an entire area. Your call makes us look at your individual property. Once we look at it individually, we can determine if your value is in fact, too high.
  • 2) If a number of calls or letters, come from one particular area, it signals us to re-evaluate the entire area. (Your phone call may have helped your entire neighborhood.)
  • 3) Property Record Cards are available on-line. Go on-line and review your property record card. If our information regarding your property isn't accurate, PLEASE let us know!

Without your input, we have to assume that our information is correct. Please, take an active role in your assessed value.

Sincerely yours,

Bev Zuber

Wayne Township Assessor


Rental Properties

Attention Rental Property Owners and Investors: New House Enrolled Act 1195 Affects Rental Property Valuation

Online Rental Questionnaire

*New* pdfWayne Township Assessor's Investors Guide

*New* pdfWayne Township's Residential 2015 Income Property Public Forum Power Point Presentation

For further information on rental properties, please visit the Allen County Assessor's Rental Property webpage.


Cyclical Reassessment

Starting in 2014, Wayne Township will begin conducing a Cyclical Reassessment which will replace the General Reassessment that was done every ten years. During a four year period, every property within Wayne Township will be physically inspected, completing one quarter of the work each year. At the end of the four year cycle, the process will begin anew. This will help ensure that all records are as current and up to date as possible with regards to physical attributes of the property.

pdfCyclical Reassessment Information

pdfWayne Township Cyclical Reassessment Map

pdfCyclical Reassessment Map By Neighborhood Numbers

In order to gain as much information as possible for each given property, we ask all property owners to complete a reassessment questionnaire which will ask questions regarding the interior of the property. You will recieve a questionnaire in person at the time we visit the property. As Assessors, we gather all of our information from the exterior of a property. The more information we have, the better the data we have and the better the assessments will become. Please take time to complete an online reassessment questionnaire, listed below, or you may return the physical questionnaire to our office by mail, email or fax.

Wayne Cyclical Reassessment Questionnaire

*New* pdfWayne Township Assessor's Office Cyclical Reassessment Status Report Updated 08/14/2015


What We Do

Sales Verification - When a property is sold, a Sales Disclosure form is filled out and filed with the County Assessor. The Real Estate Records Deputies uses the information from the Sales Disclosure to determine the validity of the sale. Phone calls, questionnaires and personal interviews are also conducted to ensure accurate validity of property sales. This process is extremely important as Annual Trending is based on market sales. The more accurate our information is, the more accurate our property values are.

Fieldwork - Conducted by the Real Estate Appraisal Deputies, fieldwork is held to ensure all property information is accurate and uniform. Field inspections are executed based on permits issued by the Building Department, appeals, phone calls or neighborhood evaluations. All information is gathered from the exterior of the property unless a request is made by the property owner to do an interior inspection.

Annual Trending - Per the laws of the State of Indiana, all properties must be reevaluated based on sales every year. This helps ensure there is not a "sticker shock" increase or decrease at the time of General Reassessment. Annual Trending is the process that converts all properties to market value based on the two previous years of sales prior to the assessment date.

Appeals - With assessments done on a mass appraisal basis, there may be times when a property falls either higher or lower to the median for the neighborhood. The appeals process is a right given to all property owners to contest their property values. Only when directed by the taxpayers are we able to review property assessments on a property-by-property basis. It is extremely important that any and all assessment errors are corrected through the appeal process, therefore creating more accurate assessments for the future. The staff of the Wayne Township Assessor's Office encourages anyone who questions their assessment to file an appeal. For futher information regarding appeals, please visit the Allen County Assessor's Appeals/PTABOA Page.

*New* pdfWayne Township Assessor's Office Real Property Appeal Status Report (Assessment Years 2010-2015) Updated 08/27/2015

Reassessment - In 2012, the latest General Reassessment was completed. The General Reassessment is a time when every property within Wayne Township is visited and inspected, to make sure all property records are correct and accurate, adding and removing any features as needed. A Rolling (or Cyclical) Reassessment is the same as the General Reassessment, except that only a certain percentage of the properties are reviewed, instead of all at one time. This gives the opprotunity to visit properties more often then every 10 years to keep information as accurate as possible. Within the 4 years of a Rolling Reassessment, every property will be visited, at which point the cycle starts over.

Personal Property - Every year, each business within the township must file personal property returns on all equipment used to generate income. These forms are a self assessment and filed with the Assessor. Once all returns are entered and audited, values are established for the following tax year. For further information regarding personal property assessments, please visit the Allen County Assessor's Personal Property Page.


Contact Information

To schedule an appointment for a field inspection, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office by submitting an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will contact you at our earliest available time.

For all assessment information outside of Wayne Township including any commercial or industrial properties, non-taxable properties and inheritance taxes, please contact the Allen County Assessor's Office at 260.449.7123.

Questions regarding property tax exemptions, deductions, tax rates and property tax calculations, please contact the Allen County Auditor's Office at 260.449.7241.

Questions regarding property tax payments collected, billed or due, please contact the Allen County Treasurer's Office at 260.449.7693.

If you are looking for Township Assistance, you can contact the Wayne Township Trustee's Office at 260.449.7000.


Comparable Online Multiple Property Search

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Public Access Tax Information

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Fact Sheets

pdfDLGF: Annual Adjustments Fact Sheet

pdfDLGF: Appeal Process Fact Sheet

pdfDLGF: Cyclical Reassessment Fact Sheet

pdfDLGF: Circuit Breakers Fact Sheet

pdfDLGF: Deductions and Credits Fact Sheet

pdfDLGF: General Reassessment Fact Sheet

pdfDLGF: Homestead Verification Form Fact Sheet

pdfDLGF: Petition for Correction of Error Fact Sheet

pdfIAAO: For the Property Owner That Wants to Know

pdfIAAO: Understanding Your Assessment



Allen County Government

Property Record Cards

City Of Fort Wayne

State of Indiana

DLGF (Deparment of Local Government Finance)

IAAO (International Association of Assessing Officers)

Indiana Chapter of the IAAO

Stacey O'Day - Allen County Assessor

  • Serving third term as the County Assessor
  • Level III Assessor-Appraiser
  • 2009 Indiana County Assessor of the Year
  • Serves as Legislative Chair for the Indiana County Assessor Association
  • Association of Indiana Counties Board Member


  • Every staff member is a certified Assessor-Appraiser
  • 22 Level III Assessor-Appraisers
  • 13 Level II Assessor-Appraisers


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Commercial & Industrial Properties

Phone: (260) 449-7501
Fax: (260) 449-4621
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The State of Indiana requires real property to be assessed at its market value-in-use as of a specific assessment date. Market value-in-use is defined by the state as, "The market value-in-use of a property for its current use, as reflected by the utility received by the owner or by a similar user, from the property." There are three approaches used to determine market value-in-use:

Cost Approach: (Replacement Cost New - Depreciation) + Land Value = Cost Value

Sales Comparison Approach: Estimates total value of property by directly comparing it to similar
properties that have sold in the market.

Income Approach: Income / Cap Rate = Income Value
Per IC 6-1.1-4-39, ".........If a taxpayer wishes to have the income capitalization method or the gross rent multiplier method used in the initial formulation of the assessment of the taxpayer's property, the taxpayer must submit the necessary information to the assessor not later than the March 1 assessment date....."

Questions? Click here for FAQ

Have you purchased or sold a commercial property recently? Please fill out this Sales Questionnaire.

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Commercial & Industrial Surveys

Own or represent an income-producing property? Please fill out this General Survey.  We also request the last three year's of income and expense information. 

pdfApartment Survey (printable)
Apartment Survey (submit online)
pdfHotel/Motel Survey (printable)
Hotel/Motel Survey (submit online)


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Personal Property Department

Phone: 260-449-7325
Fax: 260-449-4693

Wayne Township Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All other Townships Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Unlike Real Estate assessments, Personal Property is a self-assessment system. The taxpayer is responsible for reporting all tangible personal property that is used in their trade or business, used for the production of income, or held as an investment that should be or is subject to depreciation for federal income tax purposes.

Filing Requirements and Procedures for Personal Property Assessment 50 IAC 4.2

Per IC 6-1.1-2-1.5, the assessment date for Personal Property is January 1st beginning in 2016 and the filing is due May 15th each year.  Amended returns are allowed within twelve months from the date of original return. Only timely filed original returns can be amended per IC 6-1.1-3-7.5.

Forms & Instructions

pdf2015 Personal Property Legislative Changes - PLEASE READ - NEW EXEMPTION 
pdfPersonal Property Exemption FAQ
pdf2016 Personal Property FAQ
pdfForm 102  (Farms) - Form 102 Supplemental Checklist
pdfForm 103 Short 
pdfForm 103 Long
pdfForm 104
Click here for all other Personal Property Forms

Form 102 Filing Instructions
Form 103 Filing Instructions


Recent changes in Indiana law now require taxpayers who file a Business Tangible Personal Property Return (103 Long, 103 Short, or 102 Farm) to complete the entire form.

The following are regularly absent from filed business personal property returns:

  • Principal Business Codes (see NAICS Business Activity Codes below)
  • Federal ID Numbers/Social Security Numbers
  • Taxpayer Signatures
  • Incomplete returns may result in fines pursuant to Indiana law IC 6-1.1- 37-7(d).

*All Form 102's and 103's need to be coded with whichever code best describes the business that the forms are being submitted for.

NAICS Code Search

Located on page one of the Business Tangible Personal Property Return (Forms 102 & 103), this is the same six-digit principal business activity code that appears in Schedule K, Line 2(a) of a corporation's federal income tax return.


Contact Info

Citizens Square, Suite 410
200 East Berry Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

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M-F 8:00 am - 5:00 pm