Authorized under Indiana Code (IC 36-7-14), on May 1, 1982, the Allen County Board of Commissioners adopted Resolution 82-05-01 creating the Allen County Redevelopment Commission. The commission has five voting members and a non-voting member representing a school district.  The Allen County Board of Commissioners is responsible for appointing three members as well as the non-voting member and the Allen County Council appoints two members.  All members serve one year terms and terms served are unlimited.  Each year the commission elects a president, vice president and secretary to preside over meetings.  The commission is also represented by legal counsel and the county auditor serves as the commission's treasurer. 

2017 Redevelopment Member List

Richard E. Beck, Jr. - President, Commission member since 2002

Kurt Gutman - Vice President, Commission member since 2005

Steven Bercot - Secretary, Commission member since 1987

Darren Vogt - Commission member since 2015

Bob Armstrong - Commission member since 2017

Chris Baker - Non-voting commission member since 2012


Authorized under Indiana Code (IC 36-7-14.5) and created by the Allen County Board of Commissioners on December 4, 2015, the Allen County Redevelopment Authority has three voting members appointed by the Allen County Board of Commissioners.  Members serve three year terms and are unlimited.  Each year the authority elects a president, vice preseident and secretary-treasurer to preside over meetings.

2017 Redevelopment Authority Member List

Richard E. Beck, Jr. - President

Steven Bercot - Vice President

Kurt Gutman - Secretary-Treasurer 


Department of Planning Services

Contact Info

Suite 150 Citizen Square
200 East Berry Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
M-F 8am - 5:00pm

Phone 260.449.7607
Fax 260.449.7682

Executive Director
Kimberly Bowman, AICP

Deputy Director for Land Use
Paul Blisk, AICP

Director of Redevelopment
Elissa M. McGauley, AICP